Charlie Huggins wants to change PPT again

January 23, 2008 4:24 AM - Posted by Myrl Thompson
Senator Charlie Huggins wants to revisit a portion of the recently passed ACES bill. His proposed legislation would give back in excess of $800 million from the state coffers to the oil industry. What could possibly be Huggins' motive? What message, as an Alaskan, do you have for Senator Huggins and our other state legislators?

District H - Dog and Pony show

Senator Charlie Huggins, R-Mat-Su, tries to explain why he sponsored his oil industry friendly Senate Bill 242 to constituents gathered at a town hall meeting after a question was asked by legislative watchdog, Myrl Thompson. Huggins' bill would refund in excess of $800 million dollars to an industry already making record breaking profits and would change Governor Palin's recently passed ACES legislation.
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