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Mechele Linehan Gallery
16 pictures from the sentencing of stripper/killer Mechele Linehan
Scenery Gallery
Five of our latest scenic pictures.
Red Aurora
Here's a rare red one.
Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights can be many different colors.
Purple Aurora
One of my favorites.
Cool Blue
I like the streaks on this photo.
Green - Red Aurora
It looked like there were two different Auroras going here.
Tok Aurora
Tok, Alaska - September 22nd, 2007.
Red Vertical Aurora
Another cool red Aurora.
Anchorage Aurora
Anchorage glowing.
Shooting Star
I'd never been able to get a shooting star on film before this one.
Here's one with a swirl.
Bald Eagle
I like the talons on this eagle.
Bald Eagle
This bald eagle was about 30 feet from me.
Salmon Eye
Chum Salmon eye.
Sitka Black-Tailed Deer
Saw this doe while driving a back road.
Red Fox
This Red fox walked right into some perfect light.
Hoary Marmot
This marmot found a perfect place to live and blend in.
Huge Grizzly
This huge male was ten feet from me.
Brooks Falls
This female had a pretty good spot.
Salmon Bear
The salmon in his mouth is 3 feet long!
Sow and cubs
These bear cubs stuck to the mother like glue.
Small Bear
This young bear is about a year old.
Bear Fishing
This bear had a great spot for watching salmon.
Monkey bear
This bear would walk along the shore then pounce on a salmon as it went by.
This female bear was great at fishing, not great at sharing though. Out of 15 fish she caught, she didn't give a single one to the cubs. Teaching them to fend for themselves I guess.
This female bear with cubs is listening to a lone male that moved into the family fishing hole. The mother ended up backing the little bear up about 50 feet before he ran off in to the forest.
Mother and cub
This female bear with a cub heard a male bear growl so she stood up to get a better look.
Sorting Halibut
Jacob Pratt sorting halibut at Alaska Glacier Seafoods
F/V Owyhee
The Owyhee pulling its net about two miles south of downtown Juneau.
Slimeline workers at Alaska Glacier Seafoods.
Offloading Yelloweye snappers from the F/V Bold Pursuit.
Salmon Slimeline
Processing salmon for Icy Straight Seafoods at Taku Smokeries.
Net Work
Stacking the net on the deck of the Owyhee.
Deckhand Paul Burke.
The Owyhee setting its net about two miles south of downtown Juneau.
Over 200lb Halibut
A good sized halibut at Taku Smokeries in Juneau, Alaska.
Crewmember Steller
Alaska Totem
I really like the look of this face.
Saxman Totem
This is certainly a one of a kind totem.
Haida Totem
A classic Haida totem.
Juneau Totem
Side panel of totem in Juneau.
Donald Varnell
Great face from an amazing pole by Donald Varnell.
Denali Gallery
Posted September 4th, 2007.

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