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John Enge is offering the "Passport Alaska" again after many years off the market. Many gift shop owners used to tell us that the "Passport" "sold faster than anything they had, except maybe Fuji film."



The "Passport Alaska" was designed to create an excitement for Alaska and the opportunities to be found there. And it succeeded. People would tell me years after they bought theirs exactly where it was in their house: in their sock drawer, in this drawer or that box. It was amazing how people kept track of their "Passport.

The "Passport Alaska" is special and will make a trip to Alaska or a gift to a grandson or client special too. They have been used in more ways than I can list here. The tourism promoters used to take boxes of them to big luncheons in the "Lower 48" and give them away. They told me it brought conventions to Anchorage.

Now the "Passport Alaska" has important Web Addresses to access a ton of information on Alaska wildlife, sport and commercial fishing, adventure opportunities and tips, and more than you can imagine. And of course, it has the proven mix of breathtaking color photographs and interesting bullets of information, ie. "The largest gold nugget ever found in Alaska was 7 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 3 inches thick, and was found by a man digging a post-hole in Nome." or "The largest wave ever recorded in Alaska was 1740 feet high. It stripped the trees off the mountainside up to that level."


One to ten "Passports" .............$4.95 each, plus $2.50 shipping and handling.
Eleven to Thirty "Passports".......$4.55 each, plus $3.50 shipping and handling.
Thirty one to Fifty "Passports"....$4.35 each, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
Fifty one to one hundred "Passports" $4.15 each, plus $7.50 shipping and handling.

For retailers or orders over one hundred, e-mail me at for a quote.
Retailers note: Order a three-tier clear acrylic counter display for $12.50 for a hard-to-keep-in-stock strategy when placed by the cash register.

Mail your order and payment to:
Passport Alaska, P.O. Box 3141, Central Point, OR 97502

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