Sarah Palin faked pregnancy of Trig

A great expose on the faked pregnancy by the disgraced former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has been posted at Theimmoralminority blog.

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Fake pregnancy

From the blog:

"The next twist in our storyline was Sarah's trip to give a speech at the Republican Governor's conference in Texas on April 18th. What really happened there? No one knows. But what is known for certain is that Sarah left the conference abruptly in the early afternoon of April 17th and came back to Alaska, a ten plus hour trip involving two four hour flights and a layover in Seattle. (Not only did this decision seem abrupt, but even Sarah's security staff was not contacted and did not know she was arriving to have a baby until after the birth.)What is also known for certain is that no one has ever come forward to say that they noticed anything special or different about the Gov during this trip. In fact, she was seen reading a book in the lounge during the layover in Seattle. "

Alaska legislators, media staffers, and former staffers of the ex-governor have all been saying the same thing for years - she was never pregnant.

Why the hoax? If she would show Trig's birth certificate it would solve everything.

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