Don Young sweating indictments

February 1, 2008

By Dennis Zaki - Don Young has good reason to be looking over his shoulder and fearing a knock on his door. Criminal indictments, a handcuffed perp walk, and numerous courthouse visits are in his future.

Don Young has good reason to be looking over his shoulder a fearing a knock on his door.

Young, under multiple criminal investigations , for bribery, extortion, and corruption, still claims he's going to run for Congress in the fall.

According to Thursday's release of Young's campaign contributions, his re-election campaign spent $854,035 on legal fees in 2007. Young, desperate for money, opened a criminal defense fund in January.

In the past three months alone he spent $407,190 on attorneys.

One amazing part of the report is that even with indictments looming, Young still raised $62,247 from contributors in the fourth quarter. It should be pointed out that of those contributors who gave more than more than $200, only five were Alaskans.

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