"Gun Owners for Begich" Unveiled in Anchorage

Begich details plans to protect Alaskans' rights

Emphasizing the need to be ever-vigilant in protecting the rights of Alaskans and other Americans, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Begich today unveiled Protecting Alaskans' Rights: The Begich Plan. At a news conference in Anchorage at the Rabbit Creek Rifle Range, Begich also announced the formation of the group "Gun Owners for Begich."

Senate candidate Mark Begich

"On every issue, I am an Alaskan first and I know the Second Amendment is part of the fabric of our lives in this state," Begich said. "I have always believed that responsible gun ownership is a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution and no government can take that right away."

Joined by more than a dozen members of Gun Owners for Begich, Begich said he is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, a gun owner, and one of the first Anchorage residents to get a concealed weapons permit when they were required.

Just two days before celebrating Americans many freedoms on Independence Day, Begich said his plan is designed to reinforce Alaskans' freedom and rights. He noted Alaska is one of the few states with a privacy provision in the state constitution.

"More than most Americans, Alaskans fiercely protect our right to privacy and believe that less government is better government," Begich said. "As a U.S. Senator, I will fiercely fight against government intrusion into the lives of Alaskans."

In addition to protecting the Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms, Begich said there are several areas where the Bush Administration has infringed upon the rights of Americans that he does not support.

Begich's plan includes:

Standing Up Against Government Interference - including warrantless wiretapping, the assault on habeas corpus, the pursuit of Real ID cards, and retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that illegally helped the federal government spy on Americans. No Surveillance on Law-Abiding Americans - Begich opposes efforts since 9/11 to take advantage of public fears, bypassing the courts and Congress to eavesdrop on Americans. Repeal the Patriot Act - Begich believes national security resources should be built on human intelligence and Special Forces that will identify and respond to real threats of terrorism, not monitoring what books Americans read. Restore Habeas Corpus - Begich called the Military Commissions Act, passed in 2006, the lowest point in our country's response to the threat of terrorism. The Act suspends habeas corpus for millions of Americans, and that right needs to be restored.

"Habeas corpus is enshrined in the U.S Constitution and has been a foundation for individual freedom since the 1300s," Begich said.

Begich pointed out that Sen. Ted Stevens has repeatedly voted with the Bush Administration, supporting the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies who have helped the federal government spy on innocent Americans.

"I know we can give America security without compromising our Constitutional rights and values," Begich said.

The list of the Alaskans who have joined Gun Owners for Begich includes Eric Croft, Mike Bonito, Lou Bonito, Harry Crawford, John Palmatier, Chris Coreg, Peggy Wilcox, Theo Graber, Fate Putnam, Sanna Green, Mark Caudy, Jim Colver, Brooks Chandler, Jim Nordlund, Todd Montalbo, Mike Macy, John Mouracade, and Jamie Barkley.

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Mark Begich unveils his plan to Protect Alaskans' Rights, including gun ownership and civil liberties