Frank Murkowski back in Alaska on mission to sabotage AGIA

January 30, 2008 7:15 AM - Posted by Dennis Zaki
You know Conoco/Phillips is getting desperate when they hire Frank Murkowski to do their dirty work.

Frank Murkowski

There is only one reason Murkowski is back in Alaska - besides a payoff - and that is to sabatoge governor Palin's AGIA, with the backing of Conoco.

Remember the Jim Bowles/Conoco - Allen conspiracy to stop the PPT?

After repeatedly lying to Alaskans in the fall of 2006 by saying there was a the drop-dead date for starting a gasline, Frank suddenly interjects himself as Alaska's savior. "I feel as an Alaskan that I'm gonna do everything I can to help bring this gas." Frank told KTUU. Murkowski by the way - lives in Utah.

Something slimey is going on here.

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