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Palin lawyer threatens to serve papers at kindergarten, then balks

ImmoralMinority blogs breaks Palin divorce story

By Dennis Zaki

Thomas Van Flein, Sarah Palin's lawyer, threatened Saturday to serve libel papers at a kindergarten to the owner of the highly trafficked "ImmoralMinority" blog for a divorce story on the Palins. The blog was given until 3pm Saturday to remove the story and post a retraction. The blogger stands by the story.

Palin gallery

This is now the fourth threat on behalf of Sarah Palin, including one to, that Van Flein has made to bloggers in Alaska in the past few weeks. None of which he has carried out.

"Gryphen", the owner of the blog, laughed off the threat and told AlaskaReport - "Nothing that I wrote in my post was meant to be malicious. I trust my source and simply reported what I had been told.
Threatening to serve legal papers to an educator in a room full of five year olds? Now that is malicious."

Thomas Van Flein

The blogger posted a story, most of which has been confirmed by AlaskaReport, about a possible divorce between former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. Palin quit Alaska last week after complaining about 21 ethics complaints that have hounded her since she was found guilty in the Troopergate scandal.

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