Kohring to face Sedwick May 8th

Convicted criminal Vic Kohring has been denied his request for a new trial.

Convicted criminal Vic Kohring has been denied his request for a new trial.

U.S. District Judge John Sedwick set Kohring's sentencing for May 8. The former state legislator, was convicted of bribery, conspiracy and attempted extortion.

Kohring's Seattle attorney, John Henry Browne, said they will appeal Sedwick's decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Kohring wants the case thrown out or, at least a new trial with a different judge, because of what he called an "extremely antagonistic relationship" he had with the judge's wife.

Judge Sedwick's ruling (PDF)

The Republican former lawmaker said he and Deborah Sedwick clashed when she was commissioner of the state Department of Commerce and Economic Development, and Kohring had targeted her department for cuts and downsizing.

In his 29-page order, Sedwick wrote that "certain allegations made by Kohring are either inaccurate, misleading, or conclusions without any evidentiary support."

The Department of Justice also ripped Kohring's maneuvering March 20th

Kohring's motion for an evidentiary hearing (like his post-trial motion to dismiss ) can and should be seen for what it is: a belated attempt by a criminal defendant to postpone sentencing and interpose delay. What is most remarkable in the government's view is the means by which Kohring has chosen to implement this strategy. Confronted by the fact that he received extensive discovery in this matter, that he was given a full opportunity to be heard on his pre-trial motions, and that he was convicted by a fair and impartial jury after a thorough presentation of evidence, Kohring resorts instead to impugning the reputation of a well respected trial judge.

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