Young's campaign manager Steven Dougherty in trouble too

Don Young has already spent $1.1 million on his own criminal defense

Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young isn't the only one in his office that's in serious trouble with the FBI, his campaign manager Steven Dougherty is facing arrest also.

Steven Dougherty

Young, under multiple criminal investigations for bribery and extortion, has spent more than $35,000 between October 2007 and April on lawyers for Dougherty according to the Associated Press. The AP says that's more than Dougherty himself made during that period and nearly as much as the campaign spent on political polling.

Young himself has already spent $1.1 million on his own criminal defense.

Last April, Young said about his mounting legal fees: "I have learned that the legal process is an expensive process, but I have nothing to hide," he said. "When it comes to my family and my character, the truth is priceless. That is exactly why I hired good legal counsel, and I have worked fully with the Department of Justice by answering their questions and providing them with anything they have requested."

Don Young jokes about his legal fees

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