Corrupt Bastard Alert - Mike Chenault trying to screw Alaska again

February 26, 2008 6:08 AM - Posted by Dennis Zaki

How much cash has oil company lobbyist Representative Mike Chenault taken this year from the oil companies to hide their crimes? In yet another attempt by Chenault to screw the State of Alaska and its citizens on behalf of the oil companies, Chenault has cut $523,000 in funding to the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office.

Mike Chenault trying to screw Alaska again

Governor Sarah Palin created the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office (PSIO) by Administrative Order. PSIO is an independent office in the Department of Natural Resources' Division of Oil and Gas, with specific responsibilities and authorities to coordinate the state's oversight and compliance functions with all other responsible agencies.

Chenault blocked SB80 last year that was introduced with a majority of each house already signed on as sponsors. SB80 was to prevent oil companies from deducting costs for repairs due to lack of maintenance or improper maintenance of property or equipment.

In the 2006 election cycle, Rep. Chenault collected $5,000 from five Veco executives, including Bill Allen and Rick Smith, both convicted for BRIBERY. Chenault has pocketed over $32,000 from Veco in total, that we know of.

Why is Chenault protecting Industry from 1) paying its due, and 2) being a responsible citizen of the State in terms of anti-corrosion efforts and deductions?

Want to talk to Chenault and tell him where to put his bill? His office: (800) 469-3779. If he's not there call Conoco/Phillips. You can bet they got his number on speed dial.

AUDIO: FBI recording of convicted oil company bagman Bill Allen in a conspiracy with Conoco/Phillips Alaska president Jim Bowles - June 6, 2006
Allen tells Bowles "just between me and you, I've got Pete Kott...and Ben doing it." Bowles tells Allen the best possible outcome will be to "get this thing stopped."

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