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John Enge
John lived in Alaska for 50 years and has run commercial boats and processing plants. John also served as a loan officer and economist for a "fishing bank" and served as the only Fisheries Infrastructure Development Specialist the state has had. He has owned a marine design and fabrication business and created the best-selling "Passport Alaska." All photos on his blog are his own, unless so noted. Contact John Enge

We stopped posting all of John's columns here on January 22nd, 2007 but you can find later posts by using the search engine to the right.

January 22nd
The Alaska Halibut Equation
January 20th
Alaska fisheries management should be outside the vacuum
January 15th
WANTED: better fisheries mousetrap engineers
January 12th
President Bush has family fishermen in the MSA crosshairs
December 18th
Self-determination for Alaska's fisheries?
November 30th
"Hook, Line and Trawler"
November 20th
"Stopped by a shoal of salmon"
November 15th
Sarah Palin vs Goliath
November 10th
Separation of Fish and State
November 5th
Man Born In Alaska Helped Pull Saddam Hussein Out Of Hole In Iraq
October 31st
Setnetters Unite
October 30th
John Finley endorses Dan Ogg for the Kodiak House seat
October 25th
Fishing for "favor" with linkages as bait
October 23rd
Bottom trawling: Battle for the Gulf of Alaska
October 19th
Agendas: they cover up the plundering
October 16th
Bottom trawling: "an insane way to catch fish"
October 13th
Sustainable communities trumps privatization, or why is government not going our way?
October 12th
A Window into Kodiak, Alaska Fish Politics
October 10th
Contribute to the solution
October 6th
To catch the last salmon
October 4th
Alaskans can choose between Paradise lost or Paradigm shift
October 2nd
Who are the good guys? Check your integrity meter
September 20th
3 more squads of FBI in D.C. and a wedding
September 18th
The frying pan or the fire: Sen. Stevens or Rep. Pombo
September 15th
Bad boy, bad boy, wa'cha gonna do when they come for you?
September 11th
The day the music died: MSA reauthorized - A novel
September 8th
Cleaning up the house
September 4th
Red at night, sailors delight
September 1st
Senator Ted Stevens' Air Force
August 30th
Fisheries management 411 or 911?
August 29th
Kodiak fisheries advisors in hot water
August 25th
Alaska Senator Ted Stevens' fourth branch of government
August 23rd
Is the North Pacific Council following protocol?
August 20th
Candidate Binkley's attack dogs need some pepper spray
August 18th
So you want to fly your fish somewhere
August 14th
Fish processing 1906 vs Fish processing 2006
August 11th
Halibut Bob
August 9th
Outrageous political speak
August 6th
Everything you wanted to know about By-catch, but were afraid to ask the Council
July 30th
Leveling the playing field for candidates and fishermen
July 27th
Oregon salmon and Alaska fishermen are endangered
July 24th
Poll wars for governor of Alaska
July 22nd
Is ours unbiased, peer reviewed and objective fisheries policy?
July 17th
E-mail from a Kvichak sockeye salmon
July 16th
One fish, two fish, Red fish, Blue fish
July 13th
A Picture of Greed and Other Fishing Photographs
July 10th
The Alaska Governor's race is about right and wrong vs. right or left
July 8th
Ben Stevens cost US a lot for his father to try groom
July 6th
Bottom trawling: Always a good choice. Not
July 3rd
"Congress is instructing us": Part II
June 30th
Alaska Department of Fun and Games?
June 29th
A Cool Wind Blows over the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
June 25th
Endorsing the Alaska candidates and Who is the United Fishermen of Alaska?
June 22nd
Guv and Lite Guv, Live and Let Live
June 21st
Celebrate Alaska halibut
June 17th
Fishing Vessel "Alaska Don"
June 14th
Celebrate Salmon!
June 11th
Does Fish and Game really want local control? Not
June 8th
Bottom trawling and Sector Management
June 6th
The "Generals of Ratz Debates" continues
June 5th
More debate on who the Generals of Crab Ratz are
June 2nd
More debate on who the Generals of Crab Ratz are
May 31st
Corporatism, and the 'rebuttal to the defense of Ted and Don'
May 29th
"Alaska got primary control of the big money fisheries..."
May 27th
Yes, Virginia, there is a real Council, someplace
May 25th
The real fish Czar, or the strip mining of Alaska's waters
May 23rd
Take that four-barrel off that Council
May 20th
Board of Fish and Valdez meeting, or gillnetters beware
May 15th
Lobbyists make fisheries laws in the U.S.
May 13th
Dishonest academics in the National Fisheries Debate
May 10th
Science vs fuzzy logic in the National Fisheries Debate
May 8th
Funny how if the fishermen suffer, so do the towns
May 6th
Hunting the noble crab rats: Part III
May 4th
"Property and Fisheries for the 21st Century"---a scientific paper
May 3rd
AlaskaReport as Fishermen's Forum and Change Agent
April 27th
Hunting the NOBLE crab rats: Part II
April 26th
Blog the truth and the truth shall set you free
April 23rd
More crab rats hunting stories
April 21st
Confused about RSDAs? Vol. I
April 19th
Hunting the wily crab rats
April 17th
Political strategist as fisheries manager?
April 16th
Fishery Councils should stick with resource management
April 13th
Everything you wanted to know about True World Foods in Kodiak
April 11th
"Rising Sun," "Spirit Bear"
April 10th
A reader's lament over lost opportunities in the fisheries
April 7th
"Reader Weekend," on processors, et. al.
April 6th
The cure for fisheries add-ons in Washington D.C.
April 5th
North Pacific Neighborhood Watch
April 3rd
Is the NPFMC even legit?
March 31st
Bundrant says Trident is "small potatoes"?
March 30th
Will the real owners of the crab please stand up?
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